Book summary

Select and use the best open source content management system for your needs – even if you have never seen one before.

This book will show you how to avoid choosing the wrong CMS. It will guide you through assessing your site requirements, and then using that assessment to identify the CMS that will best fit your needs. After reading this book, you can be confident that your CMS choice will support your web site needs because you have carefully assessed your requirements and explored the available options.

What this book will do for you

  • Understand different types of CMSs and select the one that best fits your needs
  • Extensive discussion and quick start guides for several major CMSs: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and more
  • Know how to choose the right developers and designers to customize the CMS to your requirements
  • Discover “specialty CMSs” for specific requirements: intranets, document sharing, community, e-commerce, blogging, and more
  • Investigate the various plug-ins available for each CMS
  • A hands-on, easy-to-read guide that gives you practical tips on hosting, project management, working with specialists and communities, and finding experts

The Beginner Guide approach

  • Clear step by step instructions for the most useful tasks
  • Learn by doing, start working right away
  • Leave out the boring bits
  • Inspiring, realistic examples give you ideas for your own work
  • Tasks and challenges encourage experimentation